SMP Product Line


Eaton’s SMP Gateway has evolved to become one of the most advanced automation platforms in the industry and provides all the functions required by the modern automation system in a single highly reliable and powerful package. In addition to data concentrator, protocol translator and logic processor functions, it provides a built-in HMI and secure remote maintenance access to substation and field devices, reducing operating costs and increasing productivity for a large variety of applications. It is available in a number of models to meet your project requirements.

The SMP I/O is a substation-grade distributed I/O module designed for today’s substations. It supports binary input and binary output cards, as well as analog input cards. It operates with AC or DC voltage, and communicates using the DNP3 protocol over serial RS-485, or TCP/IP using fiber or copper Ethernet. It supports IEC 61850 GOOSE messaging and can be integrated with the SMP Gateway, or used as a standalone I/O module that connects directly to a DNP3 master station.

The SMP SC-2200 computing platform is designed for automation projects functions that require a general purpose computing platform running a standard OS such as Microsoft Windows or Linux to perform security, data processing, or utility developed functions.

Utility automation systems are evolving from traditional RTUs to advanced distribution and substation automation systems (SAS) based on multi-function automation platforms. Eaton has been at the forefront of this evolution with its SMP Gateway line of products that leverages 25 years of experience working with utilities to provide solutions to their most challenging automation projects.