Flextray Wire Basket Tray and Accessories

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Flextray Wire Basket Tray

Flexible, labor-saving cable mangement system that can be cut and bent for adjustment in the field


Flextray wire basket is ideal for commercial and data center cable management. It provides flexible means of adapting your tray to fit your job-site application. Learn more.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily modified for both horizontal and vertical transitions
  • “T” weld safety-edge protects the cable and the installer during installation
  • UL Classified as an equipment grounding conductor
  • Available in a variety of finishes to meet environmental and aesthetic requirements
  • Wide breadth of height and width options for straight sections
  • Many sizes stocked locally across United States and Canada for quicker delivery

NEW: Up to 50% less splicing hardware required across all sizes and widths

  • Makes installation faster
  • Less connecting hardware to purchase and install
  • UL classified

Get Certified & Save!

The Flextray System Certified Installer Program allows contractors to train on best practices for cable management installations featuring Flextray wire basket and accessories.

New and Enhanced Flextray wire basket system accessories

Corner Radius

  • Helps decrease field fabrication time of radiused fittings by up to 80%
  • Built in tab features for positioning onto side rails at transition locations
  • Creates a proper cable bend radius for horizontal bend, tee and cross
  • Available in both 6” and 12” radius configurations
  • Available for all Flextray wire basket heights
  • Maintains proper support for delicate cables
  • Quick to install on the job site

Standard Drop Out

  • Drops out of the bottom of the tray or end of the tray
  • Easily slides into place, locking into position with new tab features
  • No hardware required for installation

Side Drop Out

  • Compatible with all side rail heights
  • Maintains cable bend radius
  • Secure into place with the FTSCH Hardware Kit (not included with drop out)

Blind End

  • Enhanced design with no hardware required for installation
  • Easily slides onto the end of the tray, locks into position with the new tab features

Installation Video - Seven Easy Steps to Installing FLEXTRAY


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At Eaton, our goal is to be a leading provider of information and resources to design and engineering professionals engaged in the design, construction, and maintenance of engineered MEP&T facility subsystems globally.  That is why we developed the CoSPEC Specifier Center - a one-stop design resource for B-Line products. 

CoSPEC is packed with features like the new CAD / BIM / PDMS / Submittal catalog which offers the ability to select and view B-Line products in 2D and 3D.  Then, with a couple of clicks, just as easily download design content in one of nearly 100 different CAD, BIM, PDMS, and graphics formats.

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